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KRAFTMAR Ltd. has a complete range of services to meet your transportation needs. We are here to streamline the movement of your goods between trading partners.

If you're looking for efficient and reliable shipping services, we can deliver your goods across the border or around the world, through our network of professionals.

Our freight forwarding division organizes the safe, efficient movement of goods on behalf of an exporter, importer or another company or person, sometimes including dealing with packing and storage.

Taking into account the type of goods and the customers' delivery requirements, we arrange the best means of transport, using the services of shipping lines, airlines or road and rail freight operators.

The multimodal transportation is one of the main directions of our company's activity. In cooperation with the leading shipping lines the KRAFTMAR Ltd. provides the minimal time of delivery of the international cargoes in supersize containers by sea transport on "door-to-door" conditions practically to all ports of the world, and by automobile or railway transport.

KRAFTMAR Ltd. is always happy to welcome and invites you to have a productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our activities include:

  • Carriages by sea, by railway, by air and by motor transport;
  • Warehouses service, Accumulating, Storage and Re-Handling of cargo in the ports;
  • Issuing all traffic documentation;
  • Samplings, Expertise, Certification and Insurance of cargo;
  • Payments with interested parties;
  • Issuing the preliminary contracts, according the transport conditions, calculation of relevant expenses;
  • Marketing and consulting services in regard to the best combination of prices, routes, transit time and terms of cargo delivery.
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